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We believe that a christ-centered and spirit-led education does not need to come at the sacrifice of academic excellence. A solid academic education is a critical component to preparing our students for their future and one we take very seriously. We are committed to providing our students and families with all the tools and resources necessary to ensure they are successful both now and in the future. 





Christ-Centered: Lives a Christ-centered, Spirit-Led life, seeking to glorify the Father in all that they say and do.

Beautiful Masterpiece: Confidently aware of who God the Father created them to be and are in relentless pursuit of the unique calling on their life. 


Kingdom Citizen: Understands that they are created on purpose, for a purpose and can contextualize for themselves and others Christian principles to everyday situations. Is a steward of their time, talents, and resources.


Compassionate Neighbor: Seeks to love God and others with all of who they are, and serves with humility, grace, and enthusiasm to see His Kingdom come. 


Collaborator: Demonstrates the ability to work interdependently with varying perspectives, and skill sets to achieve a common goal.

Critical Thinker: Exhibits the ability to reason through and weigh evidence to make complex decisions. Faces future success with a solid Biblical and Academic foundation.

Communicator: Communicates with purpose and passion, through a variety of formats, with effective reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Resilient Innovator: Generates, invests in, and shares new ideas and solutions. Has the drive to overcome obstacles and continue growing.



Strong Work Ethic: Places value in hard work with consistency, determination, and dedication. Uses time both effectively and efficiently.

Motivated Role Model: Possesses an optimistic outlook with a strong desire to do well and succeed; guiding, equipping, and inspiring others to do the same.

Lives a Life of Integrity: Exhibits consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

Self Aware: Possesses the ability to set, prioritize, and take responsibility for personal growth goals, as well as the need for boundaries.  Understands their own strengths and weaknesses.

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